cafe de flore, coffee, and croissant image
"There is no safer place I know then tucked in a corner of a cafe in Paris with a bottle of Rose and an afternoon to spare".
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"I owe her a lot of my inspiration but I also owe coffee and I had to quit both for reasons of the heart".
rome, italy, and rain image
"It rained in Rome but when the sun came out it seemed fresh like a city made new. And the ruins glimmered reminding me that nothing lasts forever not cities not kingdoms not rainstorms".
summer, beach, and bike image
"Come my darling she said let's drink wine and paint our universe".
Image by ꧁ حــــوُر ꧂
"If we were caught in a snowstorm in a tent on the side of a mountain and things were looking grim she was the kind of girl who would smile bundle close to me and say something like lets sing a Christmas song".
love, couple, and kiss image
"Our lovers fascinate us- we live in a perpetual awe of the particular way that they are".
Image by Tina
"I love you most in that place between coffee and sleep".
couple, disneyland, and dreamy image
"You are my fairy tale my book to never finish let me linger in your story a little ever longer".
clock, steampunk, and time image
"Death is the only adventure I have patience for".
beauty, down, and fall image
"The plane shook and it scared her not because she was scared to fall but because she cared so little if she did".
girl, flowers, and yellow image
"Stay alive tomorrow is there for those who wait".

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