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thanks @kermits for the recs. and for not ignoring me <3

this is my first time listening to loona's songs (all rec. by the before mentioned user-person) and i'll try to just write short comments to not made this thing soooo long so... letz get it!

vivid - loona/heejin

heejin and loona image heejin, loona, and lq image

this girl told me to say it so: OH MY GOD YESSSS

  • first of all, i just want to let you know that this is definitely my type of song. when first started w that jazzy vibe i just thought "come w mommy, honey"
  • and following my weird comments, idk but i like the rhythm and her voice is really nice, but sometimes it sounded like she sang in a way and the beat was in another but that shit actually worked well ?? don't mind me at all, my first times listening to music are always messy lol

around you - loona/hyunjin

asian, loona, and girls image asian, loona, and girls image

honest time. i like the song. not so much but still. also the mv is v interesting and gosh the cats uwu and hyunjin w that cat head. i love weird shit <3

  • ok but around you will fit well in a kdrama, it gives me that kind of vibe. plus HER VOICE IS RELAXING. that's it.

let me in- loona/haseul

ohohohoh girrrrlll, i literally have no words. i just.

  • i had a Feeling when it started w that violin but i was also scared that it could be a slow, cheesy ballad or something like that but :DD??? it was not
  • lets talk about the instrumental. oh my lord i Love the instrumental. that precious w fantasy vibe shit. wow. it makes me feel like i'm inside a story and i think that's beautiful.
  • LYRICS, v interesting i think i should check out again bcuz it seems like it tells a story and i didn't catch That well?? the mv was magical btw i'm <333

kiss later - loona/yeojin

this the only song and mv ever. i won't hear or watch anything else. CUTE CUTE CUTE CUTE.

  • BROOO this shit makes so happy aaaaa
  • also the lyrics :D thats so me. ofc if someone were in love w me lol
  • i like that is a cute song but is not something cringe (im not saying that cute concepts are cringe fellas) so yeah i luv it

!! hugs >> kisses

love & live - loona

kpop, heejin, and hyunjin image love and live, loona, and loona 1 3 image

is this shit another win for the gays ?? i think so :D

  • i wasn't very conviced at the beginning but then i ended falling for these girls + song + mv. the whole combo.
  • i think everyone thinks the same but THE STRONG ANIME VIBES.

i really liked. and can i Please hug the pink haired girl. i said Please.

sonatite - loona

that was. fine. that's not the correct word but lets pretend it is.

  • i think i'll mostly talk about the lyrics. i don't even know how to express it lmao. references about dreams and stars?? thats my shit. i don't think i understand v well the meaning but is about something that only happens in dreams? like a love story? idk if im being clear xd thanks for coming to another weird session comment!!
  • i totally didn't expect that change of sound in the middle of the song Hell yeah.

ooohhh i almost forget this one makes me a bit sad :D

every day i love you - loona/ vivi (ft. haseul)

viví, loona, and icon image heart, pink, and neon image

ohh she has a crush cute <3

  • i found the pink theme sooo aesthetically pleasing uuwuu

honestly i don't think i have a strong opinion about this song rn maybe i have to listen it again idk. like it wasn't bad but maybe i didn't fall at the first listen ?? mhm

eclipse - loona/kim lip

eclipse, gif, and girls image

bih im so glad of being bi <3 this girl oh my god <3

  • tbh one of most complete songs so far. the sound is really good and though i didn't mhm like?? so much the bridge i think isn't a big deal i mean i think is just bcuz im not Feelin myself rn lol

I Loved it okay.

love cherry motion - loona/choerry

moon, moons, and loona image film, korea, and kpop image


  • u know i have to say it THE FUCKING DROP OOOHHHH BIH
  • i love how they played w the instrumental, like in a sec.is all cute n fun and the BAM ur wig is gone
  • also the vIsUaLs <333

i'm !!!!!!!!!!

well that was all for today, i'll post the rest this upcoming week (or maybe tomorrow ?? late tonight?? lol idk) and then i will listen more new music recs. from another person <3 oh also the next article i will share which ones are my faves and stuff so <3

thanks for reading my mess. here's more LOL