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ARIES (21/03||20/04)
Element: Fire 🔥

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Discrete planetary aspects will allow to illuminate almost all the individual days of the week through meetings, visits, improvisations, etc.
As long as you do not get angry for silly things. Valuing the family and lighting the flame of love. Indiscretions aimed at undermining an interpersonal relationship that annoys someone. Walking, playing sports, will benefit from a precarious blood circulation. Flirt for those under 25. Work problem or material to be resolved by Thursday.

TAURUS (21/04||20/05)
Element: Earth🌳

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Week with excellent opportunities. Try to organize something nice: just do not curl your nose in front of invitations, travel, enjoyment and anything else. Avoid brawling and send to that country the sententious, the whining, the grumpy and the capricious! When dealing with a couple of relatives you are adamant and do not give up. The opposition of the first quarter of the Moon will be felt through insomnia, dizziness, listlessness and surprises.

GEMINI (21/05||21/06)
Element: Air 💨

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Do not get angry: life must be taken with philosophy! If Saturn harasses by encouraging hesitations and harassments, avoid supporting him by puffing at every inconvenience, but learn to live with it by drawing wisdom and experience from the tests to which he submits. Good for those who go away with the partner, with friends or in a cottage, residence or village where you can distract yourself without constantly putting your wallet. Saturday interesting for the most.

CANCER (22/06||22/07)
Element: Water🌊

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Mischievous individuals seemed to undermine serenity, causing trouble, worry, harassment, departure. Now you are going up the slope and, thanks to 'invisible and gentle hands', you will not sink into that symbolic ravine so feared. Romanticism, performance and amoretti will hit single and divorced treason. Homage, gift or toast very special for those who make the years. Unexpected call.

LEO (23/07||23/08)
Element: Fire 🔥

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Stressed by so many problems you need holidays, rest, escape, far from a suffocating and tying daily life.
Christmas is next! If in love you have made some messes, remedy asking for forgiveness, in order to exonerate irreparably damage a relationship. Anxiety followed by "relief" at the weekend.

VIRGO (24/08||22/09)
Element: Earth🌳

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Via the opposition of the last quarter of the Moon and the impertinent Saturn, acts to mess up plans, projects, initiatives, making a good slice of intolerant natives. From now on you will not be more restless or tired of chasing after goals. Fortunately, the trine of Mars comes to the rescue to calm the turbulent period, allowing us to glimpse providential ways out in the labyrinth of problems. Only pecuniary boredom in memories. Astonishment and joy in the emotional sphere.

LIBRA (23/08||22/10)
Element: Air 💨

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Your balance will falter. At least until splendid rainbows will cut the sky, in the face of those who hypothesized your defeat (although it depends a lot on the ascendant: in fact some will suffer a whammy, others a statement of "great reach") ... The malevolence of others will not be able to affect a blockbuster! Misdiages related to files or travel.

SCORPIO (23/10||22/11)
Element: Water🌊

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Let's talk about the mistrust and the pessimism, this week certain difficulties will disappear like ice in the sun and, in a flash, you will solve what has been pestering for months. You will find the appropriate solution for a couple of afflictions. For singles, moments are magically ephemeral to live without making untimely plans for the future. Good for those who have to buy or sell something. Unique: a promise not kept and a disorder to be treated

SAGITTARIUS (23/11||21/12)
Element: Fire 🔥

Sagittarius, aries, and horoscope image fire, marshmallow, and autumn image

The madness of some people would annihilate anyone but, ingenuous ingenuous, you will be stunned in front of individuals and contexts so disgusting to make the skin crawl! The shadows of Saturn are constantly lurking, however, by 'miracle', you will avoid trouble and the morale will be resolved following a clarification or the resolution of a vicissitude. Indispositions of yours or relatives

CAPRICORN (22/12||20/01)
Element: Earth🌳

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Fervent, wise and let's say 'suspicious', you will not be content with what a relationship, a job or a perspective offers, demanding, from the same, greater involvement. A current lack of certainty will amaze more than anyone ... A week, in short, curious will favor an equally curious coincidence: it will leave amazed, even though it has a lot to teach or understand. Weekends festive and ... embarrassing.

AQUARIUS (21/01||19/02)
Element: Air 💨

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This week the stars will be delighted to sow embarrassment but you will manage to get away ... Let's say that a bit of tension could widen cracks of incommunicability with obtuse, convinced that the reason is on one side! Engaging evenings. Scoop left open-mouthed. An energy drop will be compensated with restoratives and an appropriate diet.

PISCES (20/02||20/03)
Element: Water🌊

Image by уυησ🥀 ocean, water, and blue image

It is outlined, a week full of curious facts. Exciting and engaging exchanges of opinion with a 'powerful' but correct guy. Euphoria to the stars in front of a 'collective mangle'. Suspense moments between Saturday and Tuesday: an unusual and provocative experience will have a lot to teach! Recommended a mini vacation with the most loved in the world.

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