I'm still young, no doubt about that. But so far I've learned so many things by going through the most terrible times. Don't get me wrong, I still am not perfectly applying the things I'm learning, but I am doing my best to acknowledge them.

1. You have to have something for fight for

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Whether it's a personal goal or some other kind of goal, it is going to take consistency to meet your goals. When you know why you are doing something, you understand that it is important. I remind myself that I can't give up because I am fighting for my family, for myself, for my future, and for what I believe.

2. No one is ever going to be perfect

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I know, it's an obvious one, but it's true. You hear the saying all the time, but it's actually so difficult to get myself to understand. I am understanding that I don't have to be happy all the time, I am allowed to have other feelings. More than that, I am learning that I will mess up a lot and that's okay...because no one is ever going to be perfect.

3.These things take time

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If you're waiting on something good, it won't come overnight. And if you're waiting for something bad to go away, that won't leave overnight either. I know, I know, waiting is annoying. But patience is an important skill. Work your hardest and be the best person you can be, but remember to be patient with life. Be patient with yourself.

4. Things are gonna be okay

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This is something that is still hard for me to comprehend. I am still going through a lot of pain, but I've been through pain before and...things were okay. It gets better. Yes, even after that heartbreak. Yes, it gets better even after that abandonment. Yes, even after that death. Yes, even after that breakdown. Things are going to be okay. Remember that we are all still learning :)