A while ago, I saw a falling star. Iโ€™ve never seen a star fall. It was fast, it was without a limit.

I could make a wish, I couldโ€™ve wished for the ending of world hunger or peace all over the world. But I just wished for you and me, for it to become us.
I know

But its also the truth
I really did wish for that
And youโ€™ve been crawling into my mind
More and more
New songs I listen are directly linked to you.
Every time my phone rings
I somewhere hope its you
Hitting me up

I really love you
I feel it in my chest
Youโ€™re the first thing I think about when someone says the word love
Or when I see two people in love
I just hope that we end up togetherโ€จCause I donโ€™t think people come into your life for no reason

Souls donโ€™t meet by accident
I just want you to stay
For a really really long time
Iโ€™m not gonna say forever
I donโ€™t know what forever means

What I know is that
You make me happy and you make me want to hold onto someone again
You to be more precise
And honestly i see that as a really scary thing
Im just trying to be a really brave person right now

Cause you're worth that
the universe took its time with you
And as you may have noticed
Maybe I fell harder than the star I saw

143 T