Like the gentleman you are,
you walked home with me.
It tooks normal twenty minutes,
but with you tree hours.
It was a cold evening.
A cold winter evening.
We stood together two hours infront of my house.
We talked,
we laughed,
we looked in each others eyes.
Your eyes were blue.
Not only blue,
they were also grey.
Grey like your pullover, wich smelt like you,
when I closed my eyes and gave you a hug.
I looked in your eyes and you looked in mine.
Time passes
and you still had your hands behind my shoulders.
And you still looked in my eyes.
Time passes.
I didn't know what you where thinking about
but I didn't felt insecure.
Time passes.
I began to smile.
You smiled back.
We laughed.
It was so cold that our cheeks were red,
our hands cold
but our hearts were still warm.
I talked and you listened.
You gave me a big long hug
and I forgot for a minute how cold it was.
It was late.
Two hours and we still standed at the same place.
A "Good night" with your smile on your face
was what I expected.
So you said "Good night"
but you didn't gave me your smile.
You gave me a little kiss on my cheek.
It wasn't what I expected.
I went to my house
and before I closed the door behind me,
I looked back
and saw you with your smile on your face walking home.
By @kathi_3203