hey everyone, these are 3 steps you could take to 'organise' your life. focus on each one of these on 3 different days to maximise your productivity

day one- mental
before you start tidying and organising your life, its so important to restore your mind before anything else. you might want to promise yourself to clear your mind with meditation once a week or take a break from work with something you love doing

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day two- your surroundings
the majority of people are most affected by their environment, meaning their home, room etc. for me, my room is where I go to relax and I spend a lot of time there, so I like to change it around to keep me motivated and organised

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day three- work or school
very often, we fall behind on work, so its important to take time to concentrate on homework, projects, essays, whatever! make a list of your priorities and remember to take breaks to recharge

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thanks for reading!
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