Hello, hello, hello, folks !
I'm definitely gettig back on track with articles, which makes me super duper excited ! And we're near Blogmas, which is also very exciting, and very new, I don't really know how it is gonna come off, but we'll see. So, today, I have for you guys a little simple article reuniting various pictures of beautiful sleek nails, that you can find in my collection right here ↓

And I've decided to divide them into events, to give you a view on when and where I would personally wear these. Enjoy !

A Fancy Evening

Image by sündos Image by Lucian glam, hands, and luxury image acrylics, art, and claws image
To a fancy event, more official, I'd suggest something unique, that compliments your outfit, and that people will talk about all night long, asking you were you got those angels.

A Date or a Day with Friends

nails, long nails, and Louis Vuitton image nails, blue, and red image green and nails image nails, blue, and fire image
A date or a day out with your friends is the perfect occasion to experiment funny nail styles ! Try to come out of your comfort zone and put on eye catching colors and patterns.

A Family Gathering

nails image nails, fashion, and nail art image Image removed nails and pink image
So, for an event such as a family gathering, we're going for a shorter, much softer and simple look, because we're not trying to offend our grand-parents (you know what I'm talking about).

A Birthday

nails and pink image Temporarily removed Image removed inspiration, nails, and photography image
Whether it's yours, or a friend's, pull off those unique nails ! You could also add some accessories (such as nail piercings) if you're into that.

A Cool Event

nails and red image nails image nails, blue, and acrylic nails image nails, money, and girls image
Cool events may include : music festival, gay pride, fashion show, concert,... And you should definitely get your long ass transparent nails for that honey !

And, that's it for today guys, hope you enjoyed and found some inspo. Don't forget to check my last article right here ↓

Love, always.