1♥ the smell of toast

Temporarily removed food, breakfast, and toast image

2♥ the feeling when waves hit you

beach, nikon, and photo image dive, summer, and diving image

3♥ french fries

food, fries, and yummy image food, fries, and yummy image

4♥ facetime/whatsapp video call/skype

Image removed face time, happy pups, and goofy dogs image

5♥ freshly done mani & pedi

nails, pink, and mood image nails, red, and beauty image

6♥ music festivals

coachella, summer, and festival image rock, concert, and music image

7♥ taking your socks off in the middle of the night

dog, cute, and bed image love, couple, and bed image

8♥ sleeping without socks on

9♥ the popping sound while making popcorn

Temporarily removed candy, cooking, and delicious image

10♥ trains

train, dark, and grunge image Temporarily removed

11♥ bath scrubs

12♥ ibuprofen while on your period

13♥ concerts

Temporarily removed girl, party, and summer image

14♥ the smell of shampoo & conditioner

15♥ the softness and smell of clothes right after doing laundry

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

16♥ food on thanksgiving

Temporarily removed autumn, cake, and cupcakes image

17♥ eating an apple

nail, nails, and polish image apples, fruit, and red image

18♥ wearing new clothes

19♥ watching a movie you have been dying to watch since the trailer
came out

20♥ supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

animation, disney, and movie image aesthetic, blue, and Collage image

21♥ playing card games

cards, gold, and red image love and cards image

22♥ new year's parties

city image new year, light, and 2018 image

23♥ teaser trailers

toy story 4, disney, and jessie image Image removed

24♥ a new season of your favorite tv show

25♥ tomato sauce on pasta

Image removed basil, cooking, and eat image

26♥ discovering a new weheartit account you love

27♥ starting a new book

Temporarily removed book, vintage, and coffee image

28♥ the first day of summer

29♥ rosé

Temporarily removed drink, champagne, and luxury image

30♥ a random baby smiling at you

31♥ eating your favorite dish

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

32♥ finishing a really long essay

study, book, and coffee image Temporarily removed

33♥ when your period is over for the month

funny, beyoncé, and lol image Temporarily removed

34♥ freshly baked chocolate chip cookies

food, sweet, and yummy image chocolate, Cookies, and sweet image

35♥ your favorite accent

36♥ australians

37♥ spring and it's flowers

flowers, pink, and nature image girl, flowers, and dress image

38♥ getting a good long sleep

39♥ making a new playlist

music, quotes, and movie image music, art, and journal image

40♥ the voice of your favorite person

41♥ your parents

42♥ siblings and cousins

43♥ the sunrise during winter

44♥ sunsets by the beach

beach, beautiful, and summer image Temporarily removed

45♥ hot tea

coffee, vintage, and cup image tea, Hot, and drink image

46♥ playing in the sand

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

47♥ re watching your favorite movie

Temporarily removed quotes, exam, and life image

48♥ cute stuffed animals
49♥ playgrounds

girl, friends, and fun image Temporarily removed

50♥ cozy sweaters


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