- Trust nobody
They do nice and normal on your face while they gossip behind you and talk about how awful you are. People who do not judge you, keep your secrets and leave you in your own value they you need most in your life.

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- Love yourself

Love yourself because that is the only person with who you end up in the evening. When you love yourself, the world and everything around you feels so much better and more beautiful.

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- Know yourself better than people told you to be

Everyone will tell you about everything, they will always tell you who to be, how to dress and how you have to live, but the only person who knows that better and the best is only you.

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- People always want to play with your heart and feelings

People will never give or think about your feelings. As long as they self have fun in the game, they will not care or gave about you.

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- Know what is wrong and right

Know for yourself what is right and wrong for you, so that you will never take the wrong direction to the infinite path where you will never go out.

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- Live how you want to live

You only live this life once, so happiness and joy is the only thing that counts in the field of life, you never know when it is your last day, so live as if it is your last day, because every day is a day closer to your dead.

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- Now your worth

Know that such a thing as losing value does not exist, you are not a piece of gold that is born with a value of day you can lose in one way or another.

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- Know that not everyone have it so great

Do not be so selfish to think that everyone has the same perfect life as you, there are people who suffer much worse, live in pain and imprisonment.

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-Andjeli. R