Spotify: mirakurt


jennie, blackpink, and kpop image aesthetic, beauty, and bp image
Freely like the wind Like the stars above the clouds I wanna go far, I wanna shine bright

Girls' Generation - One Last Time

snsd, sone, and ot8 image snsd, girls generation, and party image
You and I, unfamiliar in front of the goodbye Remember the me you loved

Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK - Kiss And Make Up

fashion, girls, and kpop image lisa, yg, and jennie image
Just wanna kiss and make up one last time

Jonghyun - Elevator

aesthetic, alternative, and elevator image aesthetic, alternative, and elevator image
It’s to the point where it’s awkward To look into my own eyes in the mirror

NCT 127 - Sun&Moon

Inspiring Image on We Heart It acc, album, and kpop image
I see you even when I close my eyes I hear you even when I cover my ears When I think of you Even if you’re in a place Where I can’t touch you I can feel you

Winner - Have A Good Day

winner, yg, and lockscreen image yg, inner circle, and kpop things image
Even if you’re far away, don’t be lonely I’ll be by your side

Taeyeon - When I Was Young

girls generation, tiffany, and taeyeon image girls generation, tiffany, and taeyeon image
When I was young When I was a fool When I used to only look at you How was it? Please remember

Hyomin - Mango

aesthetic, mango, and yellow image ้hyomin, aesthetic, and kpop image
If the only thing you want from me is my outer layer I can make you man,go

EXO - Tempo

aesthetic, chanyeol, and baekhyun image Image by Lika
I’m missing you even though I see you every day

IZONE - La Vie en Rose

la vie en rose, pastel, and planets image fridge, la vie en rose, and yujin image
Your deepened eyes Make my heart red and burn, makes me dance

Woodz - Different

aesthetic, hands, and different image aesthetic, different, and kpop image
How can we stop this war I’m still bleeding babe

EXO - Oasis

exo, Chen, and chanyeol image baekhyun, suho, and exo image
I’m thirsting for somewhere Somewhere even further

Jimin Park - April Fools (0401)

jamie, kpop, and white image kpop, jamie, and JYP image
You’re the one who ended it But you keep calling What’s wrong with you? I was doing just fine

ATEEZ - Pirate King

ateez image wooyoung and ateez image
Somewhere in the horizon is our destination

Eric Nam - Miss You

eric, eric nam, and nam yoondo image eric, eric nam, and nam yoondo image
Let me tell myself a lie just so I can erase you… No I don’t miss you

Gaho - Stay Here

gaho, korean, and kpop image korean, kpop, and stay here image
I'm trapped in my thoughts again It's something I hate so much I could die


k-pop, jihyo, and nayeon image JYP, kpop, and twice image
Don’t know what you’ll choose, so I prepared these options Choose only one of the two YES or YES?

DEAN, Sulli, Rad Museum - dayfly

aesthetic, Collage, and dean image aesthetic, Collage, and dean image
I’m too weak to face reality So I try turning away but it’s not easy That day endlessly repeats itself And I’m closer to being dead

Spotify: mirakurt