Calm Kpop Playlist

Full playlist here:

Beautiful- Amber
The Manual- Eddy Kim
On The Subway- Akdong Musician
Spring Day- Bts
월의 날씨 October Rain- 10cm
Insomnia- The Rose
Before the Sunset- Eric Nam

boy, night, and aesthetic image night, aesthetic, and dark image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image aesthetic, alternative, and asian image

She's a Baby- Zico
Yanghwa Brdg- Zion.T
Glow-Stray Kids
누군가 필요해 I Need Somebody- Day6
Don't Worry- Lee Juck
It's You- Henry
혼자야 All Alone- Day6

Image removed night, aesthetic, and city image aesthetic, dark, and grunge image aesthetic, piano, and dark image

Stigma- Bts
With You- The Rose
Mama Don't Worry- Sam Kim
Mixtape 2- Stray Kids
Melted- Akdong Musician
I Loved You- Day6
Erase- Eric Nam

seoul, korea, and dark image guitar, aesthetic, and black image dark, road, and grunge image Temporarily removed

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