🔥🔥Name: Hayden

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Daughter of Hades, VK


little mix image girl, hair, and beauty image blue, eyes, and eye image Image by tenderlygirl fire, hand, and blue image curly, girl, and hair image
blue eyes, brown skin, normally her hair is blue, when she's mad her hair turns red


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She only wears blue and black and sometimes red


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Being the descendant of Hades, Hayden is the most feared villain kid, which led to her and Mal getting along really well. Mal introduced her to her other friends and together, they ruled the Island of the Lost. Carlos and Hayden started to have a thing before they all had to leave her and go to Auradon. She was very hurt that they left because they were the only friends she had, and that sadness turned to hatred. One day, Uma bumped into her and wanted Hayden to join her crew. She denied at first, but when she realized she had nothing better to do, she accepted. They became fast friends and met Harry along the way, and that led to a connection between him and Hayden. Everything was going great, until Mal decided to come back and that's when a lot of drama started to happen.


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It used to be Carlos, but that was before he went to Auradon. Harry and Hayden met when Uma introduced them, and ever since then the two became inseparable.