Hi guys! Here I'm again…

Whenever I speak you shut me up.
Whenever I say what I think you say it’s stupid.
Whenever you ask for my opinion I know you want to hear yours.
Whenever we speak you start an argument.
Whenever there is an argument you don’t seem to care for my words.

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Sometimes it feels like all that matters is your opinion, words and mind.
Sometimes I feel so small towards you because whatever I say you cut me of.

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I don’t feel like I can speak my mind.
I don’t feel like I’m heard.
I don’t feel like I matter.
Because all that ever seems to matter is you and your opinion.
The rest is just stupid.

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I have a voice too that can be heard.
But it is overpowered by yours.

Sometimes I feel speechless because whatever I say it is nothing for you.

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So that was it for this article hope you guys liked it! See you in my next article… xo