Iโ€™m fighting a battle. No one else can see. Itโ€™s not against someone else but rather the demons inside of me. Itโ€™s been going on for years now and iโ€™m slowly losing this fight.

No matter how late i stay up at night, i try my best to be strong to fight my inner battles and still pretend nothingโ€™s wrong but everyday is a little harder.

Iโ€™m tired of waking up because the nightmare never ends and the voices never stop. My heart is getting tired from beating all the time. It canโ€™t compete with my restless mind.

My heart breaks with every word i hear the ones i whisper to myself when i think no one is around to hear. As i think of everytime iโ€™ve been left alone, been forgetten or left behind because iโ€™m not important enough for them to stay behind.

Everytime iโ€™m a dissapointment which is every single day, how iโ€™m never good enough despite giving my everything, faking my smiles just to get me through the day then crying myself to sleep because i hate everything i ever am. I finally have realized but with a hidden battle. I end up all alone but itโ€™s better this way cause no one stays anyways