Hello my loves! So, in five days I get to go to Chicago and visit my boyfriend for the weekend and m so damn excited to see him!!

When I get back I work 17 hours for the week, and et to start doing even more packing! Because I'm moving! Again! For the like, the tenth time in a decade!! I'll be unemployed, back in New England once again, for probably three months or more.

Having to move was not and is not my choice. My mother's sister and her husband have decided to sell my house out from under my moher and I, so yeah, that's a fucking bullshit thing to do to your family! They blindsided us with that, and my mom's been freaking out and upset about it. She just wants to go already and get started on starting over again. But moving back to northern New England in December is a really bad idea, so we have about two months before we go. If that. Call it an intuitive sense, but I don't see my aunt's husband letting us stay that long. So, I've been packing up just so we can be ready at the drop of a hat. We don't have much, so that makes it easy.

I had plans to move to Illinois and be with my boyfriend in March or April, and now by then I'll probably only just be starting a new job and not have the money to go see him for his birthday in April. I'm pissed, needless to say! But, I guess the good side is that when we move I'll have over $1000 saved, so I can carefully book another weekend away with my boyfriend for the weekend of his birthday, so that's not too bad. I just miss him so much, even though we talk regularly and love each other loads!

The changes I have to deal with:
- getting reacclimated to cold and high altitude after two years in the south
- dealing with the emotional stress of living with my mom and aunt in a tiny ass trailer in a damn trailer park.
- being unemployed again
- packing up my life and changing all my plans all over again for the fourth time in 5 years because I keep letting my mother into my life
- learning to distance myself from my toxic controlling family
- preparing myself to not get to see my boyfriend again for six months instead of just three.
- coping with the stress of moving into a bigger city
- having to drive the 1500 miles with my mother and Aunt in one car...the road rage from my mother is unbelievable, and she takes it out on me.
- getting used to the difference in speed limits and driving conditions (luckily I get some practice with that next weekend in Chicago!)
- setting aside every penny so that I can move out ASAP!!!! I miss living alone and miss my boyfriend!!!!
- learning to let go of the negativity from having been lied to and betrayed by our family and being made basically homeless by my aunt's husband.
- learning to not be afraid of new challenges or react to them with anger
- following a ridiculously strict budget and eating pattern so we don't spend all our money on shit we don't need.
- attempting to find my own car,
- probably having to hold down two jobs just to be safe.

I know that the bulk of the post probably just me whining and ranting, but I needed to get this out! My life just keeps getting screwed up by my family. Plans with work always go smoothly, plans with my boyfriend go really fucking well, anything that involves my mother or other family always ALWAYS go to shit and screw up my life for the next 6 months to 5 years! Not even exaggerating, not one bit.