Hey everybody!
So... Here's my article for today because It's Sunday. I am doing just fine, preparing for my tests. AND I'm really excited for Christmas. I found a tag,which on it so here it is:

favorite Christmas movies:

christmas, winter, and lights image polar express image
Grich(which I saw just last night) and The Polar Express.

go to Christmas playlist:

alternative, christmas, and december image Image removed
Oh.. I'll download it soon, and it's a long one, with gold(but gold) songs, for example, All I want for Christmas, which is a basic one.

who would I kiss under the mistletoe?:

love, couple, and kiss image christmas, merry christmas, and new year image
This is not a question for me. Only my amazing boyfriend! I love him so much and yeah It's obvious.

must have Christmas accessory:

autumn, socks, and fall image Temporarily removed
Fluffy socks. I'm wearing one right now.

most memorable Christmas stocking:

christmas, winter, and snow image christmas, winter, and coffee image
Chocolate is great! So I'm always happy when I get it

ideal Christmas eve:

christmas, winter, and food image christmas, present, and winter image
Being with my family. Watching films and playing board games.It is a wanderful time to be with them that evening.

what's on my Christmas wishlist:

Temporarily removed lush, bright, and tumblr image
I want things in Lush and new phone cases for sure. And maybe a new bag would be great.

typical christmas morning.

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Eating with my family and read a bit in bed before Christmas dinner.

christmas essential:

sweater, fashion, and winter image fashion, outfit, and style image
Oversized sweatshirts. And... Sweatshirts. I love them, especially if they are cozy and nice.

christmas to do list:

christmas, winter, and light image Temporarily removed
Walking around in town with my boyfriend or get cozy with him and drink cocoa in front of their fireplace. Or iceskating.

one thing i dred this season:

Temporarily removed snow, winter, and christmas image
Honestly? I don't have anything to dread this year. Everything is going amazing.

That was all for today.
I hope you all enjoyed it.
I'll write you a new one.
Kisses and Bye,