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this is my fiftieth article so i thought i would do something a little special! this has been going around lately, and i thought it would be fun to share.

disclaimer: note that these are my opinions. they may not be your votes and that's fine. we all know that mamas is rigged anyways

1. Best New Male Artist -stray kids

kpop, stray kids, and felix image lee minho, vibe, and ot9 image
not being biased, i just truly believe they deserve this. they are so talented and work very hard. (and are still humble and hilarious!!)

2. Best New Female Artist -loona

Inspiring Image on We Heart It loona and loona ot12 image
although i think g-idle is going to win, i voted for loona because they are my babies and have been through so much to debut.

3. Best Male Group -nct 127

jaehyun, taeyong, and nct image nct, nct 127, and winwin image
these boys have accomplished so much and have not had any bad releases this year. stan nct!

4. Best Female Group -red velvet

Image by ♡ Image removed
this was so hard for me since i stan all the groups in this category, but i decided to go with rv because i think they've had the most impact this year. although twice and gfriend are my babies, they didn't have as much impact as red velvet this year.

5. Best Male Artist -DEAN

dean, kpop, and deanfluenza image dean and kwon hyuk image
tbh i don't like any of the people in this category (i don't stan any of them) but i like some of dean's music.

6. Best Female Artist -sunmi

Image removed Image removed
another hard one! but honestly i think sunmi deserves this, she works so hard and puts out bop after bop. also she is the cutest ever.

7. Best Dance Performance Solo -hyuna (lip and hip)

hyuna, kpop, and aesthetic image cube, kpop, and Queen image
i honestly don't think hyuna's going to win anything this year (for obvious reasons) but she is talented and deserves to.

8. Best Dance Performance Male Group -seventeen (oh my!)

Seventeen, jun, and mingyu image oh my and Seventeen image
i love seventeen (especially minghao lol) and i think they have one of the best if not the best dances out of boy groups.

9. Best Dance Performance Female Group -twice (what is love?)

album, cover, and group image twice, twice gifs, and twice what is love image
im biased but im so glad that twice's dances are getting harder! they are really good dancers and im glad they can show their talent.

*10. Best Vocal Performance Solo*-heize (didn't know me)

kpop and heize image heize, kfashion, and kpop image
heize is really talented and underrated so i think she deserves and award for her amazing vocals

11. Best Vocal Performance Group -mamamoo (starry night)

fatal, solar, and starry night image mamamoo, kpop, and solar image
they are truly vocal queens

12. Best Band Performance -day6 (shoot me)

Image removed Jae, korean, and kpop image
shoot me is a BOP and i think day6 deserve this because of how much they've done this year. they are going on a tour, got a win, and have gained many more fans. legends only!

13. Best Hip Hop and Urban Music -heize (jenga)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It girl, ulzzang, and ulzzanggirl image

14. Best Unit -girl's generation (oh!gg)

girls generation, snsd, and tiffany image girls generation, idol, and kpop image
they are legends and deserve this so so much

15. Best Music Video -twice (what is love?)

girls, k-pop, and kpop image Temporarily removed
this mv is amazing and hilarious!! how could you not?

16. Best OST -A-teen (seventeen)

k-pop, Seventeen, and teen age image Seventeen, svt, and dino image
(i chose random pictures) it's actually really good though

17. Song of the Year -twice (what is love)

momo, twice, and mina image twice, nayeon, and jeongyeon image
this is the song that made me stan twice so obviously i chose this :) but im extremely biased

18. Artist of the Year -twice

korean, kpop, and momo image japanese, korean, and kpop image
queens of the 3rd gen! 3rd year in a row! stan twice! (also jihyo is the cutest woman ever case closed)


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thanks for reading!