Here are some characteristics Libras have, featured by some celebreties that are Libras.

-balanced (goes to extremes, but ends up finding the golden middle)

-needs harmony and balance in everypart of there life
-> hates unproportional things, things that don´t fit together

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Zac Efron

-is super fair and can see everything from a objective piont of view

-is really bad at conftontaton and descitions,

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Lily Singh

-attractive, loves beautiful things an people

-gosipes a lot, can keep secrets, but you probabky need to tell them it´s really important to keep it a secret

-has great sex

-is really good at/ loves to put together outfits/ make up looks/ collages...

-kreative, has an eye for details

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Bruna Mars

-perfectionist, idealist

-woke af

-super chill and calm al the time
it could be the end of the world, and libras would be still like "we´ll find a way"

-also: optimistic (but in a good way) in a go-getter realistic way

-hates it when people can´t "read the room" and disturp the

-self-pitys sometimes

-hates violence

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Noah Schnapp

-verry social and easy to talk to

-compromising, someone you´d have disscutions with (instead of fights)

-understanding, can understand almost everything, like political
opinons, even if they completly disagee with it

-easy to manipulate and influence

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Josh Hutcherson

-is good at manipulating itself

-is annoyed by fights

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Maddie Ziegler


-loves going outdoors and nature

-loves sharing

-loves peacefull enviroments

-loves being loved

-every female-libra has somthing masculine about them and every male- libra has something feminine about them

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Will Smith

-seems to judge, but acctually doesn´t (most of the time)

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-probably doesn´t have a problem with telling secrets, because they
are an open book themselfes

-detached, have the abillity to detache themselfes emotionally from situations or people

-love for expensive things

-is an expert at flirting and does it all the time, sometimes without

-great cheekbones

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Kim Kardashian

Yes, I am a Libra and just praised myself a lot