Acacia Kersey (english)

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I used to watch her videos before she had kids and all but not that often and then she had kids, got married and I can't stop watching her videos. I remember a lot of people hated her and I don't know why she's lovely. She does some vlogs, also has content for moms, beauty related videos and I love following her and Jairus (her husband) on instagram @acaciakersey and @jairusjosephkersey.

Annie Tarasova (english)

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A goddess. She's probably the most inspiring person I have ever seen. Her videos are about veganism, spirituality, she often shares her thoughts whenever she wants, and she has some travel vlogs. All her videos make me feel calm. Also her room is so pretty @annietarasova.

Bonny Rebecca (english)

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She's a vlogger from Australia, most of her videos are vegan related if not all of them. Honestly I think she's a ball of sunshine, there's no way you won't love her. And her Instagram feed is so pretty @bonnyrebecca.

Connor Franta (english)

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Let's talk about inspiration, let's talk about Connor Franta. I mean the king of the world himself. He gives me soft boy vibes and I love it. I don't even have to talk about his instagram feed do I? He's a photographer so... @connorfranta. His videos are random, he talks about everything and ocasionally there are some hauls (which I love). But yeah, I've been following him since those golden youtube days, remember? I can happily say that I like what happened to him, how he has grown throughout the years, aw it makes me feel like a proud mom.

Damon and Jo (english, brazilian portuguese, french)

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If you asked for culture, there you have it. Jo is brazilian and Damon is north american, they both speak english, portuguese and french, together they travel the world (sometimes alone) and vlog their adventures for our pleasure. They are huge inspirations for me, they teach me confidence, inspire me to learn new languages and feed my dream of traveling the world. I'm always so happy with their content. And sidenote, Jo also speaks italian, spanish and is learning greek, I mean GOALS @damonandjo, @damondominique and @jo_franco.

Daniel Howell (english)

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danisnotonfire......... tumblr culture right there. He barely makes any videos now, but you know, still a fave. I know he has a gaming channel with Phil or something, but I don't watch gaming videos so... I just love his humour, it's very relatable @danielhowell.

Dani Noce (brazilian portuguese)

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Dani Noce is from Brazil and she shares her channel with her husband, Paulo Cuenca. Most of her content is recipe videos and travel vlogs. I love their travel vlogs so much, is my favorite travel channel and they are so funny. For sure my favorite channel from Brazil @nocedanielle and @paulocuenca.

Devon Lee Carlson (english)

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Love the queen so much. I started following her because of Jesse and then I fell in love. She's such a nice person and her vlogs are so interesting. The most beautiful human alive and the queen of style. I love my parents Devon and Jesse @devonleecarlson.

Ellen Fisher (english)

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She vlogs her day life with her husband and 3 kids. And I always feel happy watching her vlogs. A lot of vegan content and also content for moms. There is one vlog with Alicia Silverstone, they are friends, I mean I love Alicia so... @ellenfisher

Eva Gutowski (english)

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Not gonna lie back then I didn't like her but I think she has grown so much and now I love her. I watch more her vlogs then I do the main channel videos but she's a great person. And I'm waiting for more vegan content. @mylifeaseva

Federico Devito (brazilian portuguese)

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Another one from Brazil, he's actually from Argentina but he lives in Brazil and speaks portuguese so.... He does a lot of interviews and tv/music related videos. Also love following him on instagram specially when he's traveling @federicodevito.

Foquinha (brazilian portuguese)

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Foquinha is her nickname, her name is Fernanda and her videos are all about celebrities and music and tv. She does a lot of battles and interviews and I love them, her interviews are very cool because she always does some kind of challenge so it's very fun to watch, it's not the same as the other ones. @foquinha

Geek Freak (brazilian portuguese)

geek freak and victor almeida image geek freak, victor almeida, and bienal image geek freak and victor almeida image geek freak and victor almeida image
His name is Victor Almeida and he's a booktuber, my favorite even though our taste in books is kinda different but he's so funny and introduced me to a lot of great books. @victoralmeidap

Georgia Bridgers (english)

georgia bridgers image georgia bridgers image georgia bridgers image georgia bridgers image
I found her youtube channel because of the video she did with her mom where her mom asks her questions about her bisexuality. So I've been watching her videos since then and I love the gay stuff, she also does some videos related to sorority stuff. @georgiabridgers

Jusuf (english)

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She's such an inspiration, she lives in Switzerland does some productivity videos, adventure vlogs and vlogs in general. I love her aesthetic and her instagram feed is like a dream @faithincuteness.

Kianna Naomi (english)

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Her content it's not my favorite but I love her so much, she's so sweet and lovely. Her outifts are bomb, I like the hauls and lookbooks she does and yeah. @kiannanaomi

Phil Lester (english)

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Here you amazingphil, more tumblr culture, he posts more than Dan for sure and he does some weird videos and I love them, he posts a lot with Dan as well so if you miss him go to Phil's channel. @amazingphil

Reese Regan (english)

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The queen of organization. She's a huge inspiration for being more organized and doing better in college. She does a lot of videos related to that and also beauty, fashion, veganism and fitness. @basicallyreese

Rose and Rosie (english)

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Those two are THE best couple on youtube. I love their videos, they usually just talk about random stuff or react to gay stuff. Omg I ship them so hard I can't. They also have a gaming channel and a vlogging channel, oh and they want to have a baby jdnfkjsjfhsj I can't wait for that. @roseellendix and @roxetera.

Sophie Foster (english)

sophie foster image halloween makeup and sophie foster image halloween makeup and sophie foster image sophie foster image
My favorite youtuber of them all. I've been watching her videos since a lot of them were about 5sos and honestly I can see that she has grown and her videos changed and so have I and I can honestly say I still love them. Most of her videos are makeup related and even though and I don't wear makeup I love watching them because I love her personality (I think I have a crush on her). She loves doing halloween makeup looks and I get so impressed everytime and those are the videos she really loves to make. But to be honest I would watch anything she posts. Lately she has been feeling a little uninspired to post videos on youtube because some people are unsubscribing or not watching what she posts just because her content has changed so please go show her some love, I would be so sad if she stopped uploading :( @sophie_fosterxx and @sophiefoster_mua.

Thereza Andrada (brazilian portuguese)

thereza andrada image thereza andrada image thereza andrada image thereza andrada image
Another booktuber, this time our tastes are very similar. She haven't been uploanding lately but I love her reviews so much, she's so funny. Also she's such an inspiration on body positivity on instagram, I love it. @therezaandrada

Vitor Liberato (brazilian portuguese)

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He's very pretty, that was the first thing I noticed about him when I saw him in someone else's vlog. So I went to his channel and like he's so great, he does a lot of travel vlogs and talks about life, his videos are so pretty and his instagram is the best thing ever @vitorliberato, my second favorite travel channel after Dani Noce.