Hey everybody!
How was your day today? Mine was a little bit all over the place because I relaxed in the morning and watched a film. And then I started to study. Sorry, for not making a post yesterday but one of my friends was here and we had a wonderful time. So, today I'll do 3(2 of the Writing Challange) and 1 real one).

Make a list of things you always postpone.

  • Call my Hairdresser
hair, braid, and hairstyle image Image removed
I had a hairdresser, who made my hair since I was born. But she got old and mess up my hair when I go there. So,I have found one, but haven't called her. Ah.....I don't know why...
  • Go and Buy a new Phone Case
pink, aesthetic, and soft image case, chocolate, and food image
I have had my case since I got my phone, so It is really old. I want new cases, but there is always something else which is more urgent to buy for me.
  • Download Music
music and couple image lisa, grunge, and simpsons image
I have a lot of songs on my phone, but I'm always looking for new ones, because who doesn't love listening to new music when going somewhere? But It requires time,soooo I always postpone it.

That was all for today.
I hope you enjoyed it.
I'll write a new one soon.
Kisses and Bye,