Hi! this is my first article and english isn't my first language so sorry if my english is bad or something.
I'm going to talk about bts as boku no hero characters and i want to clarify that this is only my opinion and the way i see the members of bts and the characters of boku no hero. Clearly i can't assure that it's true since i don't know them and only guided me by videos, interviews, etc.
There may also be spoilers so don't read this article if you haven't seen the anime.

Namjoon/RM as Iida Tenya

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Okay, so it was hard for me to think about who Iida would be since if we talk about appearance i think Jin would look more like him, but i want to make this article based on their personalities so i think Namjoon would be a perfect Iida. Namjoon is someone responsible and a born leader as well as Iida (although Iida is actually the delegate but you know what i mean) also is someone who protect the other members of the band and always gives the best of him. He tries to follow the rules and do the right thing but if necessary, he would break them to help the others.

Jin as Momo Yaoyorozu and Itsuka Kendou

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I know that Yaoyorozu and Kendou are woman and Jin is a man but as i said before, this article is based on their personalities and i think they are very similar. Jin is the one who takes care of the other members, he sees them as his babies and treats them like his little brothers but when is necessary he scolds them, besides to being the second in charge of the members of BTS after Namjoon. I think that in that it looks like Yaoyorozu and Kendou, since Yaoyorozu is the second delegate and she is a sensitive and responsible girl, who also has to eat a lot for her quirk and let's remember that Jin is a food fan and eat a lot too. I also think that Jin looks like Kendou since she is like the "mom" of class B and she scolds them when they fight with class A (when I say "they" I mean Monoma).

Yoongi/Suga as Shoto Todoroki and Shouta Aizawa

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As you know Todoroki is a character who tends to be of few word and cold, but at the same time is a great friend who is always to help. I think Yoongi is similar in that, since as you know, he is a calm person, serious and like Todoroki is usually of few words but protects the other members and he appreciates them a lot. Also they are similar by their past, since Todoroki had a hard and traumatic past, Yoongi also had a hard history since he had to work hard to be what today is, without having the support of its family. I also put Aizawa as they usually refer to Yoongi as the lazy guy and that sort of thing, Aizawa was also taken that way since the first day of school he appeared in a bag and because of his appearance of a tired person but surprised everyone with his great power and proving to be a great fighter, i think that in that Yoongi is similar to Aizawa.

Hoseok/J-Hope as Denki Kaminari

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At first i was going to put Hoseok as Kirishima but i decided that he fits better with Kaminari. Both are fearful and extroverted, they also have a great sense of humor and are very playful. Kaminari has the quirk to emits electricity from his body, i think Hoseok has the power to emits hope, love and happiness from him.

Jimin as Ochako Uraraka

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They're both cheerful, friendly and are usually very smiling. They have a very soft personality and angelic voices. They're very charming and they try to overcome every day more, they care a lot for others and are friendly with those they know, besides they radiate a lot of positivity and tranquility.

Taehyung/V as Eijirou Kirishima

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I was going to put Taehyung as Uraraka or Todoroki (for his hair on Idol) but I realized that his personality fits more with Kirishima. Taehyung like Kirishima is energetic and extroverted, he is someone who is very nice and as you know Taehyung is a social butterfly, well Kirishima is also a social butterfly since he even managed to have a friendship with Bakugou. Also Tae is someone who greatly admires their loved ones and loves everyone equally, he is someone who cares about others and always wants to help his friends. But like Kirishima who was offended when he discovered that someone had an identical quirk to his, Taehyung also feels offended when someone can do something better than him, especially if it is one of his hobbies. Like when Taehyung played the saxophone and said it took three months to do it properly but Jungkook did well on the first try. I think the two are adorable and kind, it would be very difficult to hate one of the two as they transmit much tenderness and happiness.

Jungkook as Izuku Midoriya

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Like Deku, Jungkook is an educated and calm guy, who tries very hard to get his goals, he is shy and reserved but at the same time he is humanitarian and generous, wants to help everyone and admires others (IU, G -Dragon, Charlie Puth, etc) just like Deku admires All Might. Deku always finds a way to get his goals, and can do many things, also always get away with it (in a good way) so I think Jungkook is something similar in that with him, in the sense that Guk is the golden maknae and has many talents, always manages to do things well and learns easily, so I think that is an incredible virtue.

okay, so that was it, I would've liked to put Bakugou, Dabi and Toga but I don't think any of the guys fit in with them so that's why they're not here. So i hope you liked it!