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In this article, I would like to give you some tips for making the perfect photos. For a while I have returned to the world of quality photos because I joined a small family with a Sony camera, which I started with the photographer's "career" again.

Let's get started!

1. You
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The most important thing is to always add yourself to the images. It will make a really good picture if you are giving it and not a pre-built picture on the screen.
2. Background
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Would you have thought that 72% of people watched the background in one picture right away? Listen to the background!
3. Lighting
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The key to the pictures, playing with the lights. Sunshine, lamp, flash, natural light, artificial lights, etc.
4. Poses
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Search for inspiration and save your favorite images on your phone in case you need them.
5. Weather and season
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Spring, summer, autumn, winter.
6. Smile
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Your smile is your biggest weapon.
7. Photographer
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Ask your friends. Someone is sure to take some photos of you. It's a good idea to ask people who have a camera. Image quality is also important.
8. Editing

Here are some articles that show image editing apps:

One of my collections from where you can get more inspiration:
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I hope I knew you could help.
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