Day 7 : "Write about three things you like about you."

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Day 7! This topic is quite hard for me because like most people, I had a hard time to list about some stuffs that I like about me. But once I learned about myself more, there are actually some stuffs that I am grateful for. So here are those

1. My clear skin

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(this is not me obv) I never really have that much of acnes, only when I just started puberty and then I only have acnes when I'm about to have my period. Other than that are probably only blackheads on my nose. Lots of my friends have some trouble with acnes and I'm just so grateful and love the fact that my skin is overall always clean.

2. My high will to learn

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I always love to learn about something new (most of them doesn't really have anything to do with school or college). I'm always curious about almost everything and I would spend hours on google and wikipedia to make myself more informed about stuff. I'm an avid reader ever since I was in elementary school, like back then I never really thought that it would do anything to me, I just love to read. But in the present, it helps me so much to do papers and such.

3. My good memory

I really like the fact that it's easy to me to memorize stuff than most of my friends. It really helps me in exam. Not only about school, but when it comes to people, I always remember like really small details about them, it also helps me when I want to give them gifts. Sometimes it really bugs me because I always remember some embarrassing moments, but most of the times, it's really helpful.

See you on Day 8!