Day 28. "Describe three things you're doing right now."

So today I'm gonna tell you what I am up to. First of all, it's all about the most wonderful time of the year aka CHRISTMAS!!!!

So for the past week, I am 24/7 on we heart it and Pinterest looking for DIY Christmas decoration, tree and candy Y'all!

So I found those three Ideas that I will do today and a little bit tomorrow.

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You can add fake snow (or shredded paper, etc) and glue a cute small (winter-y) figure inside. When you flip it upside down, it will be a cool snowing effect!
christmas, candle, and winter image
It's really easy you just need cinnamon bars a candle and a ribbon and some glue piece of cake!

and the last one is about some cookies that I want to make

christmas, Cookies, and food image
I want to try and make them ...wish me luck!

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