What is a compliment that you struggle to accept about yourself?

Sorry for no update yesterday, but I was busy with shopping for christmas. No, not presents, decorations. We will see how often I upload these, but I will try to publish one every day. I like to write them and it looks as if many of you enjoy to read them. Thank you, all of you who reads!

So, a compliment that I struggle to accept? Honestly, I would say all of them. Not that I get so many compliments, but still. However, the ones I do get I can rarely accept. Why, you might ask? Well, because I have struggled with my self-esteem for years. Now I start to feel more comfortable with who I am and what I look like, but it is difficult. Am I the only one who feels this way?

To me it is easier to accept all the negative comments I get, or the problems I make up by myself. I wonder why. It always seems easier to focus on the things others think you should change, because you (for some reason) want them to think you are perfect. That is an issue I had before, I changed in all possible ways to make others like me, due to the comments thay gave me. I though that would make me feel better and that they would like me more. But no, it did no matter so do not waste your time on that.

Okay, a lot of text but no answer. The compliment I have the hardest time to accept is when someone tells me I am beautiful, cute or gorgeous. Yes, even though I like the way I look more now than ever, it is so difficult to accept that kind of compliments. To hate myself lies so deep in me, it is hard to change that. Other compliments like that I am smart, intelligent, kind, funny (well, in my own way haha) and things like that is easier to accept since I know I am all those things. There I have confidence and I try my best to work on being kind, for example. But, my looks is impossible to change in that way. It is something I have to live to accept.

At the same time, does it matter? Does looks matter? I see beauty in every person I meet, honestly, but to see it in myself is like looking for a lost sand grain in the ocean. I know it is there and I believe it exists, but it is lost. As mentioned before I have become better at this, but better does not mean good. I often search for flaws instead of beauty. But, I try to see the beauty in the flaws as well.

I want to say this to all of you, you who might stuggle with this. You are beautiful, I know you are, but I also know the struggle to see it. I do not see clearly yet, but I try to. As long as you try to see how gorgeous you are, it is enough. It will take time, but you will get there. So will I. Let's keep fighting together, because we know that we are beautiful. Both on the inside and the outside. Looks are not everything, I know, but you want to be comforatble with they way you look. That is so important.

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Be yourself. You ARE beautiful, in all the ways.

- Ronja K