Since there is only a month until Christmas I decided to share my wish list. Most of these are things that I have wanted for a long time. There are also things that I think anyone would love :)

I think that during Christmas time giving is more important than receiving. Just remember to spread the Christmas spirit!

A perfume

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This is a perfume that I have wanted for a while. The scent isn't too strong and I love how it looks like.


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Who wouldn't love a few new eyeshadows or lipsticks to change their makeup for the new years. Just remember that there are also cheaper makeup products!

A guitar

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Well... this is an expensive wish and I'm pretty sure that I won't get this. Lately I have been loving playing guitar and a guitar is something I have wanted for so long.


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I would love to update my wardrobe but mots of my money goes to school. That's why I would love some new clothes for winter.


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I don't usually ask for one certain book because other people might find something a lot better. I usually just tell that i wish for young adult books.