(Just in case anything spoken here is sensitive to some).

Hi lovelies! I apologise for my inactivity over the past couple of months, but I'd like to let you know why I've been gone and may continue to be inactive in the future. Of course, I will come back and spend a few minutes or hours adding to my collections, but a lot of times I'll just not have the energy to even load up the app.

My dad was falsely diagnosed with deadly cancer from my local hospital, and we went through a couple months of struggle trying to understand. We were redirected to a better hospital outside of town that said he didn't have cancer. We found our local hospital had diagnosed several people we distantly know with the same awful thing, but we were afraid and didn't know what to believe. Do we believe one hospital or the other? We soon trusted the hospital outside of town which has better equipment and doctors and my dad had surgery to remove what would've become cancer if it wasn't removed; so my local hospital DID falsely diagnose (they said he did have cancer, not it would become cancerous eventually). He looked pale but very healthy after surgery and he was walking almost immediately and was able to come home just two weeks later. We took care of him at home and now he's almost fully recovered, just his scars are healing. It's been an incredibly stressful time on my family with so much going on and my dad is even thinking of suing the hospital with the help of the others we met who had the same awful situation with them. As well as this, I've been having a lot of mental health issues lately and have been taking antidepressants for the first time in my life. I've struggled with depression and anxiety since I was 10, but I finally sent myself to a doctor to get help because I was constantly being dismissed by my family and they believed my sadness wasn't real. It's caused a lot of tension in my family lately, and I've been mentally unstable for a long time. I'm very unpredictable and have been coping in very toxic ways and I've become a person I never used to be. I'm incredibly impulsive, and I care while also not caring a whole lot about things. I also had to say goodbye to my best friend of a long, happy 14 years. My dog was very old and he was struggling, and we also found from the vet he had cancer. We had to make the horrible decision to put him to sleep and so on the 22nd of August we said goodbye, just 3 days before my 19th birthday. My boyfriend broke up with me in July and since I haven't been the same since and I've been so mentally effed in the head and hurt. I feel a huge amount of betrayal and disgust over it all. I hope you support this incredibly tough time for me and you continue to be a follower of mine even though I haven't been the best account as of late. Thank you for everything loves x