Inhale, exhale, breathe …
Grow love in your lungs..
And accept in your heart..
The blood through your veins, make it stars..
Tie our bodies together..
Let the stars run into my body, too..

Open your eyes and see the full moon..
Your eyes will turn to moons..
See the light of the moon in the darkness of sky..
Count the stars, collect them..
One day, one will die, and a piece of us too ..
We’ll protect the little lights, and our pieces..

Inhale ,exhale ,breathe..
Breathe my air..
Look, a falling star, it fell for us…
To live somewhere else..
You are a falling star, that fell years ago..
To come to earth..
And make it a better place..
To light the unlighted ..
To sparkle..

I had the pleasure to meet this falling star..
We met, we loved..
It is taking me to a moon..
You’re taking me to a moon..
A new moon where nobody have ever seen..

Tie our bodies..
And let us fly to the outer space...
Where we find quite and peace..
Then, we’ll dive in the deep dark ocean..
To my home, where I can love you on my way..
Tie me to you, never cut..
Until we become a lasting one..

Immortality, non stopping…
Non fear..
You and me in the sky and sea…
You are the ocean and I am the space…