Hey loves! Today I'll share with you 5 of my favorite winter x fall outfit ideas that are also really stylish!
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1. turtleneck sweater x trousers

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turtleneck sweaters are in style for many years now. They always look better with a pair of earings ;) Trousers make the whole outfit more elegant.

2. fur jacket x basic shirt

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the fur jacket is a fashion trend that is really famous this year. I have a white one and it looks perfect with any kind of shirt :)

3. jacket x leggings

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leggings ALWAYS look good! You just need to style them with a cute jacket. For a more casual look (e.g: for school), you can pick a more casual pair of leggings. Here is an example ^

4. plaid pants x sweatshirt

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for a more alternative look you can pick some plaid pants and a sweatshirt. Plaid pants are SO stylish!

5. plaid dress x shirt

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plaid dresses. that's the only thing I'm gonna say. The best outfit of ALL. mark my words. x

That's it!
Hope you guys found these ideas helpful! Heart and share for more articles :)
Until then, take care. Love y'all!!

-e ♥