I just finished my article about my morning routine, so logically ...

Here is my evening routine after classes.

(you should know that I always do my homework during my free time in high school so when I go home it is rare that I have homework to do but sometimes I review for exams)

sky and pink image
my classes end late, and as soon as it rings, I hurry out to get my first bus going to 56
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I just pray not to miss my second bus
girl, bus, and vintage image
in my second bus, either I read or I look at social networks
bedroom, room, and decor image animal, animals, and cat image
finally home, I just relax and cuddle my lovely cat
food, lunch, and yummy image
I try to dine something light and healthy to digest and sleep better
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I watch shows on TV or I watch netflix, usually at the same time I call my best friend
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take a big warm and soothing shower
beauty, blog, and blogger image makeup, tumblr, and quality image
I remove my makeup and apply my skincare
glitter, grunge, and pink image girl and black and white image
I'm going to pee and brush my teeth
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I read, two or three chapters
bed, sleep, and simpsons image

n that's all hearters!

_ love ya <3_