hello there lovelies!
this is somewhat of a "sketch" of my morning routine. sometimes I'm lazy and may use waaay to long time to wake up, etc - and the time that is written is just a "something like that."
so, on with my morning routine:

5:00 - waking up.

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i try to wake up at 5 am, since i have to leave the house at 6:40 am.

5.05 - shower.

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i usually like showering in the morning, and since my hair is fairly short it also dries fast so why not?

5.15 - fashion time.

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after showering it's time to find the outfit for the day!

5.25 - skincare & makeup.

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and then it's time for makeup, if i decide to not use makeup that day (which i do a lot, since i'm both lazy and i have sensitive skin) then i'll just do some fast skincare.

5.40 - fooood.

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i usually don't eat that much in the morning, so i tend to make kind of a big lunch to take with me to school.

6.15 - pack bag & check which classes i have.

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i pack most of my bag the day before, but since i like taking my mac + chargers with me to bed, i have to make sure i remember to take them to school.

6.20 - walk the dog & just chilling.

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now I'll just quickly walk the dog, and then be on my phone, watch some youtube or read something before it's time to leave the house.

6.40 - leave the house.

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and now it's time to take on the world! first i'll go to my bus, then take a train, and then it's time for school.