You dream every day about different things, watch people achieving different goals, dreams, managing work, after all you see them being so happy about what they are doing? And of course, you wonder how to be one of them? Are you meant to be successful like them? Which path to choose?

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Well, let me tell you, no matter what people tell you. You are able to be like them! How? Because they are humans like you, but they just crossed their limits, did something no one would, took the longer path, waited for years until all paid off.

Even if it doesn't pay off after all then that means something bigger is waiting for you after hustle, something no one got. Isn't this enough to motivate you and interest to attempt?

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Why would you let someone to take your place at the top if you could get it? I always ask myself this when I think I am useless and close to give up...And it hurts you know? It just makes you keep going even if you are on the ground!

Choosing right path is somehow meeting yourself, learning what you love or hate, what you want and you don't, how your brain works, and how you feel...Testing on who you can count or you can't. You just simply learn more about who you are, what is your meaning in this world, and who you want to be!

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Everyone just everyone has it's place and worth, or carrying something special, explore and see which one is yours or what you got, which is your special power to reach the top and stay there!

First of all...

Before you take any step, I would ask you do you even know your meaning in this world? Why you were born? (Many of people even those at the top don't know this question) Before you start anything you must know why you came here, to teach people something during your journey? To be someone's example for hustle and success? To be the best and like that help someone?

Think about this and let's come back to choosing your path or career however you want to call this. Remind yourself of all dreams and ideas you had since you were very young and if you still want to follow those childhood dreams or no. For example since I was young I always wanted to be a professor of something, to teach at school or university, after that I wanted to be a programmer and part of IT sector, and now I came to business stuff... You just never know where life would lead you, but still you must make plans and have dreams. Who knows why something happens or no!

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So, think wise, ask people around you, get to know why you don't want something or you want...Listen their thoughts and follow your own! The path you truly want, how I think, is the one which you imagine in your mind with the fire inside your heart, like it wants to explode of the will of achieving it, you just want to cry, because you feel that is your place! Where you see yourself in few years, which is wating for you. You just have insane confidence for it. Feelings never lie my dear...use them for choosing.

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And...general steps you could follow if you want to reach your goal...

1. Speaking with people who did the same thing or something similar you are planning to do.

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2. Asking yourself again if you want that after thoughts you heard and after you saw what they wanted and dreamed about and what they got after hard working

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3. If you think that you don't want that, then you must think about what else you want and repeat the first and second step again.

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4. If not, you will come to this step where you must make plans, try to avoid mistakes they did, and make backup plans if something doesn't work or go how you want.

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5. Working hard, trying to beat even the best one there with your knowledge hard work, hustle, motivation and hunger for success and that special place at the top!

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Stay classy and bossy, choose your path right and be proud later. Kisses for all and see you later with another article! :*

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