Hello my angels!
Almost a century has passed since the last time I published an article, but I have to say that I have been very busy. But today I'm back and what better way than to talk about something that we're all waiting for?
Now we miss an exact month at Christmas and I'm no longer in the skin!
The atmosphere, the snow, the songs, the Disney movies, the Christmas lunch and the magic .. I love all of this.
At this exact moment as I write the article I'm just listening to the Christmas playlist (ahaha), it's so beautiful!
Anyway, today I would like to write for you an article on how to 'prepare for this magical moment of the year' and in the coming days other articles always on topic. I really hope you like it wholeheartedly!

I do not know if in the country where you are the snow has already arrived, but here in Italy there is very little! A typical thing of Christmas is the snow: soft, white and opaque, snow is the typical symbol of winter. As children, how many times did we meet to make snowballs or jump on the sled? I hope that each of you may have felt certain emotions because they warm your heart and mark your childhood. No matter the age, snowball battles remain a must for every Christmas and even make snowmen!

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Good and simple, Christmas cookies can not miss your holidays! You can make them with friends, with your love, with your family and then eat them with a hot tea in front of the fireplace, or you can give them to anyone you want. Every year I make them and every time my heart is filled.

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Tall, small, with many or colors or not, making the Christmas tree is absolutely the tradition that I love most. Since I was a child, my family and I have always done it together with the Christmas songs in the background and every year it is still like that. It's a perfect moment to be together and to beautify the house of lights and colors never seen before. A true magic moment!

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What's better if you do not get under the covers with a hot tea, the snow coming down and someone next to you while watching a nice Christmas movie?
There are films of all genres, classic and new ones, and above all the Disney movies of Mickey Mouse and his friends. Ahh, how beautiful those, immediately bring you back to childhood and make you dream (and among other things are full of moral!). I advise you every day if you can see one, just for a month until Christmas!

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Ahh the Christmas atmosphere in the city, how not to fall in love? During the holidays, find some time to stroll in the Christmas markets, in the woods, go on the ice skating rinks or around looking for gifts and immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful atmospheres of all time, so you will surely be ready for Christmas !

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Have you already thought about all the gifts you want to give to your loved ones?
Can not find anything beautiful enough? Then create them! What's better if you do not create something by hand for the people you love, so as to show your commitment and how much you care about them. Later I will do an article about this if you are interested!

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For today it's all angels, I hope you enjoyed the article and found something for something. Soon I will publish other articles on the theme of Christmas and I hope you can read them.
A big hug and thank you for reading!

Greta M. Z