I wish you have a great day today. Because my life was a little bit strange lately, and I'm feeling weird about it. Yeah, I've been struggling to my own emotion, also I don't know exactly what's going on, so I can't explain it to you guys.

Lately, it's takes a really long time to me to feeling a genuine happy. I've been feeling like this for years now, and this year it's been good than the others year. I'm working on it, and don't get me wrong, sometime the darkest mind would be haunt me again, but now, I can handle it well a little bit than before.

Also, I love to binge reading "Daily Happy Dose," articles recently. There is one segment called "Little things," that makes me inspired to make this articles. Because I just realize now, in this present time, I take everything what happen in my life for granted. Yeah, it's shocking for me too when I finally get it to that statement for such a long time.

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The younger me will be so confused right now, why I'm being such a person like this. She was would never take everything for granted. There's always a reason to be happy with, even just a little things in her life, that's why she was always grateful and thankful for what she had. If you ask me what happened then, I will answer it so easily. That's the consequences you take an anxiety and fear to your life rather than accepting the grief and joy.

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Have you ever realize, that you want to do something and actually you can do it at that time, but you think is really not necessary, so you decide to not doing it? I have plenty of them. I want to write down some little things that I actually love to do, but I keep telling to myself I don't have any time to do it so here it is, a list of the little things in my life that bring me joy, that which I never try before or I just tried.


Go to walk when everything seems so overwhelm and brings me an anxiety attack.

Like Ariana Grande said... "That shit's amazing," yeah suprisingly taking a long walk when you feeling down is help. It's sounds so simple, but really works.

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Waking up in early morning to see a sunrise.

I've been being an night owl for such a long time. I forget how amazing the sunrise is. Now I'm trying to wake up at dawn so I can say,

"Good morning, sunshine! You look beautiful today, so pretty!!"

When the sunrise coming to the earth :)

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TSALASA ( ثلاثة )

Having a breakfast

Forgot how peacefully to drink a glass of hot tea or a warm milk with a bowl of oatmeal with honey and banana topping in the morning. That's a real joy, my friend.

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Dance & singing your feelings out

When you feeling so gloomy, and you just want to sing a song but too afraid if it's too loud and afraid that your neighbours would be hearing it? Ugh, screw them, you know. Just do it! I have a high pitch sound, so since I'm living in house rent with too many stranger roommate in the house, sometimes I'm afraid if I talking or singing to loud in my bedroom. But now, I don't care anymore. If I want to sing, I just sing. If I play the music too loud just because I wanna dance, I don't care. I just want to enjoy the present time and living in the moment.

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The sound of Raindrops.

While I'm writing this, the rain is coming to my place. The sound of pouring rain is soothing me so much, I feel so peace in the moment. Everytime I hear it, I must be forget about my anxiety, worries, and any kind of negativity thought that happen to me. It's like a magic, and voila, all is gone. Just leave the joy and happiness behind. And then makes me smile too :)

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Do what you love.

If you love to draw, and kinda proud with the result, why you not trying to share them? maybe some people would love it as well. Maybe you love writing as much as I do, rather than keep it on draft, why not publish it on your blog, or in here, on We Heart It?. As long as it is brings you joy, and that's your passion, it would be great. Why you keep hiding and never do it again just because you afraid of the result. Even maybe the result not turns out like your expectation, it's okay actually. That's the part of process, and you having fun doing it right?

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I don't know what the things that I should add on the list, so I might be end it on here. Thank you so much for spending you're time to visit this article and read it so far to the end. If there any mistakes on my writing, I wish you don't mind about it 'cause english is not my first language, so yeah. Please give it a heart or reaction if you like this article!

That's all for now & see you later! ♡

With love,

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