Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

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This book made me feel very mature and empowered. The way it is written was hard for me to follow sometimes as I was used to reading corny romance stories, but once I understood what was going on this book made me want to pack my bags and move to New York. This book introduced me to a wider genre of stories that suited the person I am and aspire to be.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed

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I read this book a couple of months before I was going to embark on a 32 day hike, this book definitely prepared me for that. It was really inspiring and made me mentally prepared to take such a big step in my life.

The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins

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I love a thriller. This book was really gripping and kept me up at night reading to find out what happens. I love the twist in it, this book is really exciting.

Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

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I first read this book when I was 15 and I think I have read it 4 or 5 more times since then. I remember when I first read it I finished it in 5 hours. I did not put it down. This book is so sweet, I can't relate to the characters in the book but I fell in love with the story. It's not your typical but at the same time typical love story. I liked that the characters aren't who you'd think they be and that it was full of moments that made me cringe, smile and feel happy.

The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare

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This was the first book series I ever read and I have read it many many times since. I remember when my cousin gifted me the first book for my 14th birthday and I became so attached. I remember reading these books at work because I physically could not put them down. I can't begin to express my love for these books. I am a big believer in reading the book before watching the movie, the movie wasn't anything special to me. When I found out these books were going to be made into a tv series I was ecstatic. Upon watching it though I was so disappointed, it was a real let down and an insult to the book series I thought. I am happy to keep re-reading this series without the movie and tv series having tainted it's image. I love everything about these books, I read them at such a young age and I'm happy to carry them into my adulthood. They are something I will always hold close to my heart.

The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas

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This book is very empowering. It really opened my eyes to everyday happenings that we just turn a blind eye to. This book made me want to go out and make a change in the world, be the change in the world. I'm so happy I read this book because it has taught me many little lessons and made me want to be a better self.

I have read many books but these are ones that have just stuck with me over the years. I'm sure there is others that I am forgetting, all these books are worth reading and mean something to me.