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Today's article is a how-to guide for We Heart It articles, in my point of view. I've had some hearters message me before about this subject, and I finally decided to turn my answer into an actual writing about it. I hope it'll be helpful for some of you!

Now, lets get started.

☆ | find a topic

My ideas for articles usually come through inspiration, random thoughts that come to mind, and then I immediately write them down. But I know myself it doesn't always come this easy.

If you want to write, but don't really know about what, think about your own experiences the last couple of weeks, think about what friends have told you, think about certain topics you're interested in, or use Google and other social media (Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr) as your dear friend. Don't steal ideas, search for inspiration and make your own.

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If you have found a topic, you can make a mindmap or note to start creating your bigger idea. What are you going to write about exactly? You can still use keywords (instead of full sentences) now, as they are the best to use later on in your article.

Because of all the preparing stuff you might have found a title already, write it down so you don't forget it. If you don't know one yet, don't worry about it. You still have a whole article ahead of you to find the perfect one!

☆ | list of ideas

A very handy tip I can give you is to write your other ideas, random inspiration or keywords down on either a paper or in a note on your phone. That way it's easier to find a topic next time you want to write an article.

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It's literally a list of ideas, something that's extremely usefull when you find yourself in a writers' block or a short amount of writing time. If you want, you can even plan those other ideas ahead. For example, you know you want to write a Christmas article in December, then why don't you put an exact date on it?

☆ | be creative

This doesn't only count for your ideas and writing, but also for the look of your article(s). How are you going to write your title and subtitles? How are you going to use collections and images? How are you going to put something extra in your article(s)?

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Yet again, you can use other social media to find inspiration for his, but like I said before don't steal creative looks and ideas. People have put so much time and effort in creating something, just like you are doing with your article(s), so just don't copy and paste, but make it your own thing!

☆ | write an intro

This part is meant to explain what topic you are going to write about in today's article. You can tell how you came to this writing, or you can give background information about the subject.

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You're honestly free in what to tell your readers here, but I do feel like this is a necessary part to write down as every text has an intro. How you fill in this part is your choice, just keep it short for your readers as your article is still to come.

☆ | make subtitles

Every main/big title can be split into various small subjects to write about. It's literally splitting your idea into little parts. You can definitely use your keywords for this!

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For your writing process, parting your topic into several sections is very useful. Just like in this example article, you should give those different parts a subtitle. What are you going to write under it? What is the essential thing you want to say to your readers?

☆ | write the acual article

Just like I said in the previous paragraph, it's super handy to work in various parts/sections/points. It'll make your writing easier to read. Plus, you will be able to part your work as a writer. For example, say you only have five minutes to write today then you can write one part of your article already, and leave the other parts for another free time.

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Something else you should keep in mind here, is what kind of text you are going to put in italic, bold or quote-style, and what text you are going to keep normal. If you have decided what to do here, you should keep this routine for other articles as well, so your readers know what to expect.

☆ | make it fun to read

Make your We Heart It article enjoyable to read by using images. This site/app was first created for this purpose, so you should still make use of it.

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The tip here is to either use colourful images or aesthetically pleasing ones. It's always nice when your pictures fit with each other.

☆ | write an outro

You can keep this part short: end your writing, say something extra if you like and thank your readers for reading/hearting/commenting on your article(s).

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Just like the into, the outro is essential to your writing. If you don't know what to tell your readers at the end, just search for blog examples on the internet.

☆ | mention your info

To officially end your article, you mention a certain collection that either fits the topic you wrote about that day or you pick your articles collection. Don't forget to put the link of your account and a copyright at the end as well.

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An example of a copyricht for your writing is © Original content copyright (your @), 2018. All rights reserved. Protect your writing and use this!

☆ | over-read

This part is extremely important before you decide to publish your article! Over-reading helps you to avoid grammar and typo mistakes.

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If you didn't have a title in the beginning yet, you should come up with one now. Which usually won't be difficult, as you just wrote an article about a certain topic or idea you had.

☆ | choose a cover image

You can use either We Heart It itself or other sociale media for this task. Choosing a cover image is equally important as choosing a title, because those are the first two things people see on here.

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With other words, choose wisely. A cover image should represent what you are writing about, it should represent all your subtitles in one.

☆ | pick a group and labels

In my opinion, I would always go for the articles group, as you can be more precise with the labels. Your group should represent the what is it, and your labels should represent the subtitles and various small subjects.

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For example, if you have written a fashion article, you should go for the articles group and these labels fashion, clothes, outfits, trends, beauty, girl, tips and makeup.

☆ | the end

I hope this article guide was helpful for some of you. Remember to be your creative self when you're writing!

Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.


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