It has been a long time!
This first quarter was very hard for me and I did not have much time for myself

I love to write my routines, to inspire others even if I'm not really a model! Furthermore, the routines are among the articles that I prefer to read.

So it left for my morning routine before going to class.

cat, vintage, and bed image
it is always super hard for me to get up at this time
bath, decor, and fashion image
just after getting out of bed, I go to the bathroom to, you know, pee and wash my hands and my face
coffee, milk, and drink image baked, biscuits, and tasty image
I always drink a big coffee with two sugar, I do not eat something healthy, just something that makes me want since the morning I'm never very hungry
fashion, outfit, and girl image watch, accessories, and fashion image
I dress with comfortable clothes and put my watch and my jewels
beautiful, blonde, and up image
I often make ponytails or leave my hair loose
canon, 50mm, and bathroom image acne, beauty, and shopping image
basically, I brush my teeth and apply my skin care
face, review, and swatches image Temporarily removed
finally, I put cream BB, sometimes concealer, mascara and highligter
Temporarily removed go, now, and school image
I put my shoes on and leave my house to get my bus
girl, sad, and bus image
book, girl, and library image
A new day of classes that starts

That's it! Hope you enjoyed!

See you soon for the night routine