((((yesterday, i didn't write anything for the actual love of my life and i'm so sorry for that. i felt so bad so now that i feel better i will post this.))))

Farrokh Bulsara also knowed as Freddie Mercury was born the 5th of September of 1946 on Stone Town, Tanzania.
He died the 24th of November of 1991, on Kensington, London, 27 years ago.
"lover of life and singer of songs"

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Freddie has always been my biggest inspiration. I remember my mom singing to we are the champions and doing the tempo of we will rock you. . . I really loved how it sounded.
I miss those days, when i didn't know he was dead and when i didn't know what aids was.
I remember being really sad the first time i knew it. An actual legend was the dead. The owner of the prettiest voice i'll ever heard was dead. I didn't believe it at first, but after searching about it, i saw it was true. That was a really bad bad bad day.
I don't know where are you Freddie, but i know you're in a better place. In a place where nobody can hurt you again. In a place where nobody can break your heart again.
I hope you're resting well. I love you with all my heart.
Thanks for change world's music and history.
Angel, may you rest in peace. You're a legend, i hope you knew it.

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