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Starting fresh

Your vibe attracts your tribe!

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Keep your head held up high and walk like you own the world. Always keep a smile on your face and never let it swipe away by the storms of a dusty friendship. Talk to everyone, introduce yourself and try making small talks. Even saying a sweet hello to a passerby can make their day and even yours. If you try to be happy on the outside, then I guarantee you that you'll eventually find peace on the inside. So, with a good heart and a genuine smile, no one can stop you from making an awesome social debut.

Stay away from toxic people

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It is pretty easy for us humans to find out what is right and what is wrong for us, but then, why can't we do this while selecting a proper friend's circle?
Fake friends are easy to spot for they'll always use you to their advantage and leave you hanging when you need them the most. Thus, it is beneficial for us to avoid such people as far as possible. If they wanna act fake, return them the favor by staying away from them. Minimize hanging out with them, learn your worth and figure out that you're definitely much better without them in your life.

After all, it's always healthy to be real than to be fake.

Be content with what you have

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Even a small group of close friends can bring you the kind of happiness that you were never able to find among a whole set of selfish people. It is always better to stick with the kind of people who are as grounded as you are, do not believe in fake-ism and those who will have your back forever and always.
Be with people who understand you, know your real potential, warmly invite you into their lives and always believe in you!

Interact with everyone

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It is always better to have some sort of connection with everyone. Even if they are loud, shy, aggressive or way soft spoken for your liking, establish a platform where you can talk to them freely and comfortably.
Just a simple wave in their direction or a task-less job of gratitude can make a person instantly like you.

Show them your happy face

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A happy heart is the key to a healthy relationship, and, in order to keep your heart happy, express yourself in a way you never thought was possible whenever you meet someone new. Remember this, everyone likes the sight of cheerful, bright and witty person rather than a quiet and awkward person squished by the weight of socializing.

Lemme tell you, if you think you are the latter, then I have full believe in you that you can be the former. It's just a matter of days till you push yourself to be the best version of you and then you'll just be unstoppable.

You'll always get a second chance!

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Not able to adjust to the given situation?
Just wrap it up and start all over again. Remember to be yourself and if your friends can't accept that version of you, then they most definitely do not deserve you.
Starting over doesn't mean that you'll be alone all over again, it's just the time period to prepare yourself for a brighter future and the kind of good people who will come into your life along with it.

Thank you for reading this article!
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