Hi! I'm back with another playlist!!! These weren't all released recently, but they are what I've been listening to a lot!

1. Helplessly - Tatiana Manaois

aesthetic, art, and bambi image

2. Bad Boy - Red Velvet

joy, red velvet, and wendy image Image removed

3. Get Cool - Stray Kids

aesthetic, felix, and gif image

4. See U Later (explicit) - BLACKPINK

blackpink, see u later, and blackpink wallpaper image aesthetic, black, and blink image

5. Starry Night - Mamamoo

solar, mamamoo, and moonbyul image epic, fashion, and outfit image
mamamoo, solar, and moonbyul image

6. Want You To Say - PLAYBACK

beige, blue, and kpop image Image removed

7. Babies (feat. Alessia Cara) - KYLE

alessia cara image

8. Like I Used To (explicit) - Tinashe

music, rnb, and song image gif, Lyrics, and quote image

9. Nowhere Fast (ft. Kehlani) (explicit) - Eminem

cover and kehlani image eminem and marshall mathers image eminem, proud, and quote image kehlani image

10. chateau (explicit) - blackbear

bear and blackbear image
rose, blackpink, and lisa image
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HOpe you like the songs!