My life after being an Au Pair

Hello everyone!
I know it has been a while since I uploaded my last article but I really didn’t have much time to write and I was also unsure about the topic. However, I made up my mind now and I think it’s about time to share this article with you.
As you can read in the title today’s article is going to be about my life after coming back home from England, where I worked as an Au Pair. Please keep in mind that all I am writing is build on personal experience and opinion.If you would like to share your experience with me or if you would like to comment on my article feel free to send me a postcard 

Before we get into the article I would like to point to my other articles which are mainly about my life as an Au Pair. So if you would like to read those as well just click below.

Additionally to that I am going to include some general information that might help to understand the article a bit better:

• I worked as an Au Pair in England
• I took care of 3 children
• I returned home in August 2018
• I am 20 years old (19 when I was in England)
• I am german

But now let’s finally start!

The first few days

On my way back home to Germany I had very mixed feelings, which also stayed with me during my first few days at home. On the one hand I was really happy to be reunited with my family because I had missed them a lot. However on the other hand I was already missing my life in England once I was sitting in the airplane, which would take me to Germany, and I couldn’t quite believe that this chapter of my life was just ending. So being home again felt a bit weird and it took me sometime to fully “integrate” in my family’s life again as it was quite different from the life I had had in England. I had a lot of things to organise but didn’t do so for the first week as I felt that I needed some time to settle before I could focus on planning my future and sorting everything out. I tried to spend as much time with my parents and siblings to make up for the long time in which I hadn’t seen them. I also made plans to see my friends again, of which most of them where still only a short distance away at that point before they took off to university in other parts of Germany. Apart from that I was just being a bit lazy and enjoyed having so much free time.

However I had to keep in mind that there was a lot to plan and organise!

The next weeks

I slowly started to take actions and focus on what was going to be next. At that point I was still very unsure about what I wanted in my life. Should I go to university? Start an apprenticeship? An internship? So many questions that wanted to be answered and I just had no idea where to start.
So in order to bring some light into the darkness I sat down and made a list of things I could do and then step by step tried to work out whether I could imagine doing it or not and why. For example I wasn’t sure if I should go to university or start an apprenticeship only to find out that there was a way to combine both. That sounded very appealing to me so I started to do a bit more research on it.
In the end I established that I wanted to become a trained nurse while also studying nursing. I made my decision based on my interests which are working with children but instead of teaching or educating them I wanted a job in which I take care of them. Having made that decision I had to think about the next steps. At this point I really recommend that you actually take it step by step so that it won’t be too overwhelming.
So I did some more research only to find out that it was already too late to apply for the university+apprenticeship (I’m going to call it UA from now on) that I wanted to do and that I had to wait almost an entire year before I could start the UA. Therefore the next step was to come up with a plan so that I wouldn’t just sit around for the next 11 months. I now had the choice of either finding a job or an internship, which preferably should have some connection to the nursing UA I was planning to start next summer. I applied for both – an internship in our local hospital and some side jobs.

The last few weeks

A lot happened in the last few weeks! They rejected my application for the side jobs but accepted my appliance for the internship. The only problem was that it was only an two-week-internship and therefore would take up much of my free time and that after these two weeks I would be back at the beginning of my problems. In order to avoid that I applied for another internship at the hospital which would be at least 6 months long. Some time passed and last week I finally got to start my first internship at the hospital, which is amazing and only affirmed my decision to become a nurse. Good news are that they also accepted my second appliance for a longer internship which I will be starting at the beginning of 2019. So in the end everything worked out for me so far in regard to my working life but during all these past months I haven’t forgotten about my host family!

My relationship to my host family

Well, where do I start… during my final days in England my youngest host child and I talked a lot about staying in contact once I was back home. He really grew dear to my heart and I was eager to stay in contact and still be a little part of his life. We therefore agreed to every now and then send each other a letter in which we would tell the other person about what had happened since the last time we saw each other or sent a letter. My host child is only 6 years old so I knew that he would need some help with the letters from his mum. Since there was a lot going on in my life the letter writing got pushed aside a bit but once I had some time I wrote my first letter to him. It was quite a long one but unfortunately I never got a reply. In the letter I had promised to send him a postcard because I was going on a vacation with my family the next month. I kept my promise but again didn’t get a reply. So now I haven’t heard from my host family for months because only shortly after being back home we sort of broke contact. It’s actually really sad since I felt that both sides wanted to stay in contact in the beginning. But now it’s very one-sided and I therefore quit writing letters for now. I don’t know if I will ever write them again (maybe around Christmas) as I don’t want to get on their nerves with my letters. I just wish we were still in contact.

Final thoughts

Coming back and sorting my life out was quite stressful and I’m more than happy that the next months are sorted. However everything that comes after my second internship isn’t home and dry yet so we will have to see what the future brings. Looking back to the beginning of this year I can definitely see how much progress I have made when it comes to my future plans.
The one thing that still bothers me is that my host family and I broke contact but I have to accept it now as it is. I’m sure it’s not always the case that you break contact with your host family so please don’t take my experience as an example for what life has to be like after being an Au Pair. As I said it’s only my own experience and therefore not the standard.

Thank you for reading my article, I hope you enjoyed it! ♥️