Hellooo!! I decided to write this article so I could look back at it whenever I need to cheer myself up. I hope you can use it to help you as well.

30 things to stay alive for:

1. old songs

2. sunsets

3. fireworks and the thudding you feel inside your chest when they go off

4. those stupid conversations you have with your friend at 2 A.M.

5. getting lost in a good book & being transported into its own universe

6. the joy of finding a good deal

7. the moon

8. the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have a long time left to sleep

9. meeting nice strangers

10. rollercoasters

11. taking pictures in photo booths

12. your first apartment

13. holidays

14. thunderstorms/rain

15. the cute gestures a baby does when it wants to be held by you

16. getting your first tattoo

17. changing your hair to a different style/color

18. the feeling of triumph when you catch something someone threw to you

19. movie theater popcorn

20. new albums/songs/seasons of your favorite show

21. back scratches

22. snow days

23. the feeling you get when you make someone laugh

24. concerts

25. trips to places you've always wanted to visit

26. the excitement of realizing you got a tan

27. fresh flowers

28. snuggles with your pet

29. old memories

30. your successes in the future

These are just SOME of the little moments I could think of that bring me happiness. Please always remember that joy can be found in so many places and things and that you have the chance to find and experience these.Think of all the possibilities the world holds. If you ever need help or seriously feel that life isn't worth living anymore, please reach out to a hotline, a friend, or a therapist.

The number for The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is 1-800-273-8255

Thank you everyone who's still here and read this, v (aka @thrillingnights) :)