1. Teen Wolf

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Scott McCall - a simple guy who, along with his best friend Stiles decided to go into the woods. What for? Friends just wanted to look at the body that the police recently discovered. When the guys were in the woods, they were disappointed: instead of a dead body, they saw policemen who forced the boys to go home. Only now Scott did not fulfill the order. Having repulsed from pursuit, the guy remained in the middle of a dark forest. But his loneliness was broken by the sudden attack of a wolf-like creature with human features. It bit the young man, after which he disappeared into the forest.
Scott does not attach any importance to this until strange and unimaginable changes begin to occur in his body. His reaction and vision have become much better, and his hearing has noticeably aggravated ...

Beautiful, talented actors. Interesting story. Mysticism, love and friendship.

2. Pretty Little Liars

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Disappeared under strange circumstances, the friend of the main characters - Alison. Since then, the girls began to communicate less, Alison was a link for each of them. But suddenly, each of the girls began to receive mysterious messages from a certain A. Unknown knows a lot about her friends, and they themselves would not want other people to know about these secrets. And the strangest thing - only one person who had disappeared Alison knew about this! At first, the friends believed that the missing friend was the author of the message, but it turned out that she definitely could not send them letters! Different people are beginning to fall under suspicion; friends are trying to find out who the author of the revealing messages is ...

In January, the spin-off "Perfectionist".

3. The Lying Game

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Emma is a kind and responsive girl, for a short life, having replaced several foster families. She lives with an evil woman who replaced her mother and her spoiled son. One day the heroine accidentally finds out that she has a twin sister, with whom she was separated immediately after birth.
Sutton, unlike Emma, ​​was more fortunate. She was adopted by a rich couple, she grew up in childhood in luxury and wealth, and was used to getting everything from life. The girl has loving parents, many friends, there is no end to her fans, but for absolute happiness, she wants to know who her real mother is and why she left her newborn children. Sutton comes up with a plan to swap places with her sister to be able to investigate the mystery of their birth. Just what will turn this lying game?

Written by the author of the books "Pretty Little Liars" and "Perfectionists".