Once again writing another article...
but this time, it is about a little pet project that my sister and I have started.
When we were both diagnosed with Celiac disease in our childhoods our family struggled to adapt. Simply because so many things in a regular daily diet contains gluten. However, with our mother being a fantastic cook and baker and passing that down to us. We were soon experimenting with new recipes and substituting gluten free ingredients into our old ones.
Now, as adults, my sister and I have decided to put together this Instagram page to show just how easy and good looking and tasting gluten free can be.
My sister travels A LOT for work so she is always going new places and trying to find hidden gems of restaurants and such in the places she goes.
Me? I do most of the baking and experimental cooking in the family. I make time for it because it relaxes me and soothes some of my anxieties.

So please visit the link and follow us!
We're hoping to get more followers to show more people something that we're passionate about and that is a huge part of our lives.


xx kkkodiak