For this article, I decided to use a few facts about Liechtenstein's royal family to make it more realistic, I hope no one finds that offensive, but if someone does, just tell me and I would change it immediately.

♥ basic info:

birth name: Angela Odette Georgiana Aglaë Gisela of Liechtenstein
official name: princess Georgiana of Liechtenstein
birth date: may 18
birthplace: London, United Kingdom
occupation: princess of Liechtenstein, Countess of Rietberg
line of succession: there is no scenario under which a woman could succeed to the throne of Liechtenstein.

♥ appearance:

face claim: Laura Harrier

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height: 1,70 m
eyes: dark brown
hair: naturally curly brown, but is often straighten

♥ style:

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trendy, mostly minimalistic styles and elegant clothes. gold, light brown, green, white and blue are the colors she wears the most.

♥ personality

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"And there's a million things I haven't done but just you wait, just you wait." - hamilton by lin-manuel miranda

positive traits: creative, kind, ambitious, hard-working, loyal, open-minded, opinionated, fair.
negative traits: impulsive, passive-aggressive, bossy, superiority complex, bad at small talk, dramatic, easily bored.

♥ interest & skills

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likes: baking, reading, going out with her friends, musicals, karaoke, going out to town, cute animals, watching movies for hours, spending time on tumblr.
hates: long boring events, mean people, mean characters in movies, not being able to speak her mind out.
skills: is fluent in german, english, french, spanish and swedish, good singer and pianist, an amazing baker, can read a +500 pages book on half a day.

♥ family

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Her family is formed by her father, Prince Maximilian, who is the second son of Prince Hans-Adam II and Princess Marie and the fifth in line for the throne. Her mother Princess Angela and her twin brother Prince Alfons.

♥ home

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mostly inspired by this beautiful article: