Is there any more to add? This man is perfect so here is some movies to watch with him in it.

Roman Holiday

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Ugh, my heart beats so fast whenever watching this movie. The acting, the scenery, the chemistry that they have with each other within a day is so breathtakingly adorable. Gregory in this movie just took my heart and the way he tears up makes my heart break. Audrey Hepburn makes this movie even more magical with the way that she brightens up the film. She can portray the innocence of her character as well as herself in such an awing way.

To Kill A Mockingbird

This is where it began for me. This book and this movie helped lead me to the wonderful Gregory Peck. The way that he shows authority and speaks up for what he believes in has me swooning and makes me cry with how beautiful he is. His voice deep and confident allows for Atticus to be one of my favorite literature characters ever.

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Where do I begin with this movie? Spellbound honestly had me confused for a good 20 minutes of the movie. I hadn't read the summary and went straight into watching it and lets just say that was not a good idea. Anyways when finally understanding what the movie was about, it was dramatically amazing. I loved the way he seemed so confused with his own identity. Gregory was so young and innocent and it was just incredible seeing him act unsure and without the confidence that he typically holds in films.

Gentlemen's Agreement

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I have no words for this film other than the fact that is was a film that was necessary for the time that it came out during. He is undercover and tries to learn from the perspective a group of people being prejudiced against. The way that he understands all the faults of it and has to make choices on whether or not he should continue is enthralling to me. Also he's just adorable.
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