hello my darlings! I know, I know that I said I'd post an article each week but to be honest I haven't been doing the best mentally. In addition to that, I was facing some writer's block. I had no idea what to post and it seemed that all my previous plans about this series formed into dust. have no fear though! I'm here trying my best to form these fragments of my imagination into actual "decent" articles. anyways let's get into the article, can we?


eat good, feel good.

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did you ever plan on eating healthy, and you are until night hits? or maybe when you think you should reward yourself with a bowl of chips but then you start eating everything around you? let me tell you one thing for sure, that always happens to me, then a wave of regret hits me. I ate shittily, then no surprise felt that way too.

I tend to believe if you fuel yourself with vital nutrients, and healthy foods, you'll simply be healthy! but it's much more than that, however starting to eat healthily is the first step in glowing up.

It's been proven in studies that people who eat 8 servings of fruit and vegetables a day "experienced an increase in life satisfaction equivalent to what an unemployed person feels after finding a job," eating horribly, can shrink your brain and increases your risk to brain diseases. everyone knows that drinking caffeine can interfere with your sleep, which is crucial to perform well in your daily life. there are so many more health issues that come from eating negatively. it's an easy question to answer, the answer is obvious, we all don't want heart disease or increased anxiety, but why aren't we doing stuff to prevent it?

well, it's easier said than done.


how to eat healthy

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i will admit i am NOT an expert on this, i am still on the journey to "glow up," soon i'll be posting about my eating disorder story,

eating healthy isn't as easy as it sounds. however, if it was easy a lot of people would be eating healthy, and all these diseases that are affiliated with eating junk food wouldn't be such a big issue.

well? how do i start?

tracking your food

☆ writing down, or recording what you eat in a day in a journal or an app can help you recognize what foods you eat regularly that are hurting your health

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☆ you can start to learn about your eating habits and acknowledge what you are doing wrong

☆ you can ask yourself questions at the end of the day, as you reflect, such as, what food is the most harmful for me? what type of foods do i get cravings for? how can i deal with these cravings in an efficient way? around what times am i really hungry? am i bored most of the day and result to food as a way to spend my time?

☆ i personally would recommend doing this for a couple of days to a week to help you get used to tracking your food.

  • lifesum
  • my fitness pal
  • fitbit (only works if you own a fitbit)
  • myplate

start taking harmful foods out of your diet

☆ many would recommend not immediately taking foods out of your diet, i would suggest easing your way into eating healthy

☆ try limiting your junk food intake to once a day for a week, like having a bowl of chips as a snack rather than eating an entire bag throughout the day

☆ during your second week change that into having junk food 3 times a week, rather than once a day

☆ soon only have junk food once a week,

☆ try not to have cheat days because they ruin your progress, some dieticians recommend 80/20, 80% of your food intake is healthy while 20% isn't, this can prevent you from binging on unhealthy foods at the end of the week.

☆ many people plan their meals for the day or even for the week, planning what you eat prevents many from binging since your food is already made

finding what works best for your body

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i would definitely recommend trying out casey ho's 28-day reset, the purpose of it is to find what foods your body negatively reacts to, you can find it here:

a balanced diet would be:
Men Women
Energy (kcal) 2500 2000
Protein (g) 55 50
Carbohydrates (g) 300 260
Sugar (g) 120 90
Fat (g) 95 70
Saturates (g) 30 20
Salt (g) 6 6

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i suggest going vegan or vegetarian because many believe it is very beneficial to your health, and it's better for the environment.

i definitely suggest you watch: What The Health, its a documentary about eating healthy that really opened my eyes, it's available on netflix.


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thank you so much for reading! it took me a while to post this, so thank you for reading. what do you guys think of my new writing style? be on the lookout for my next article. love ya!


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