Name: Anastasia Petrova

Age: 396 years old (looks 18 years old)

Birthdate: October 31, 1604

Death Date: October 31, 1622

Birthplace: Unknown place in Russia


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Anastasia Petrova was born somewhere in Russia in 1604. She never knew her parents and was orphaned her whole life. She had been found in a basket in the woods by witches and raised by them also. They had no idea she was a witch until she was 5 and brought a raven back to life after he was shot. Anastasia was burned at the stake on her 18th birthday when a group of townspeople went on a witch hunt and rounded up all who they suspected and burned them. Anastasia was blessed with the gift of resurgence and came back to life from the ashes. She and her raven fled Russia and bounced around the world. Anastasia cast an immortality spell on herself to preserve her youth and have an eternal life.


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long platinum blonde hair, pale skin, light blue eyes, thin pink lips, short, curvy body


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she usually keeps to herself and does her own thing, she doesn't like to let loose, kind of uptight and serious, caring, animal lover, powerful


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divination, resurgence, contacting the dead, controlling animals, controlling weather, telekinesis, love spells, pyrokinesis and shapeshifting


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a black raven named Viktor who is a cursed powerful warlock who is loyal to Anastasia because she saved his life


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very minimal style, light or neutral colors, sweaters, skirts, button downs and gemstone/ crystal jewelry

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