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Basic Info:
Birthday: 21.09.1980
Birthplace: London, UK
Nationality: English
Siblings: Older brother
Nicknames: Charlie, Lotte, Lou


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Charlotte and her one year older brother had a fulfilled childhood, with loving and caring parents.
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Their home is located in the muggle village Great Missenden north-west of London.


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John McLaggen attended his first year at Hogwarts two years before Elizabeth McLaggen. Two years after the former Gryffindors got married, they gave birth to Charlottes brother Cormac, who was also going to be sorted into the house of the brave. Even though Charlotte thinks her brother is a little too arrogant sometimes, she still loves him and gets along with him perfectly.


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She has long, brown hair and a set of blue eyes.


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Both of her parents come from wizarding families, thus not being related to any muggles. Even though many witches and wizards only accept the "Pureblood" Status as worthy, the McLaggens always tought their children to respect anyone they meet.


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Charlotte, unlike her brother was sorted into the house of hard work, patience, loyalty and fair play. She quickly found friends and soon Hogwarts started to feel like a second home.


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She feels most comfortable in wide, soft jumpers, but also fell in love with blouses along with sipmle, but beautiful jewelery.


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Charlotte took her Eagle Owl, called Lex, which she had since she was nine to Hogwarts.


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This wand is made out of Cherry wood, a dragon heart string core, is 11 ¾" in length and has a quite bendy flexibility.


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Charlotte's Patronus is a Tonkinese cat.


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Charlotte is especially excellent in Potions and Care of magical creatures. But she is also greatly interested in the subjects Defence against the dark arts and Astronomy.


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Professor Severus Snape and, even if only in year three Professor Rubeus Hagrid are her favourite teachers. Although Professor Snape is feared among countless students, Charlotte was never much intimidated by him. Since Professor Snape admired her skills in Potions in year one, she never got into any trouble.

Rubeus Hagrid has always been a great friend to Charlotte. That was why she was unbelievably happy, when he took on one of her favourite subjects, Care of magical creatures.


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She is especially skilled at those spells. Lumos for instant was the very first charm she had ever casted with the help of her brother.


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She is attracted by the smell of books and the salty breeze of the ocean.


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She loves to play the piano, to read and to grow her own plants by hand. Something she also enjoys doing, when she's back home is going boxing.


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Her first friends were her housemates Hannah Abott, Ernie MacMillan and Justin Finch-Fletchley. The four friends were really close the first two years and grew even closer after Harry seemed to have attacked Justin in Parsel Tounge. Because of that they held a grudge against the Golden Trio. But after Harry proved, that he wasn't the heir of Slytherin they apologized and decided to stick together, especially when Hermione was petrified. The following years they all joined Dumbledore's Army and befriended Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Seamus Finnigan, Luna Lovegood and Ginny Weasley.


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Since the McLaggens and the Malfoys have been rival families for years there was a fundamental disliking, that Charlotte felt towards Draco Malfoy. Even though they hardly ever got into any direct conflicts, they could definetly feel the enmity of their families.
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Pansy Parkinson, Gregory Goyle and Vincent Crabbe constantly called Charlotte a Blood Traitor and tried to get her and her friends into trouble.


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Dean Thomas asked her out for the Yule Ball one week before the dance. She accepted happily, but still had hoped to dance with somebody else that nigth.


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Charlotte met Theodore Nott before the Sorting Ceremony. They talked and immediatly connected. But then Theodore was sorted into Slytherin and after the Hufflepuff Prefect had told her, that his father was a Death Eater, she decided to stay away from him. Theodore understood why she didn't want anything to do with him, but he still felt drawn to her. At the beginning of year three Charlotte finally realized, that the bond she felt towards Theodore would only grow stronger. That's when they stopped completly ignoring each other and started to secretly meet up. Over the next years they grew closer and closer, thus it became harder to hide their relationship from everyone else. With 16, along with Draco, Theodore was forced by his father to become a Death Eater. This destroyed Theodore, since he was under continious pressure and fear. As well as Theodore, Charlotte was suffering but their relationship only got stronger during those difficult times.


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Charlotte constantly was terrified of Theodore's father Dario Nott finding out about them and harming Theodore. To protect their secret relationship she refused to practice the Ridiculous spell in Lupin's classroom.


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Theodore and Charlotte got married eight years after the Battle of Hogwarts and gave birth to two sons and one girl.


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